Robinson’s provide reliable and secure loading / unloading services at Melbourne Wholesale Market – located at Epping.  We service the fresh produce industry working with Australia’s biggest transport companies, growers, wholesalers and retailers.

Our unloading service helps maximise your time efficiency and minimise your trading and distribution costs.  We’re available to load / unload your produce, maintaining the cool chain from storage to road transportation and ultimate delivery destination.

Robinson’s supplies daily unloading reports and checklists to ensure the integrity and arrival of your fresh produce.  We follow up on, and handle, any transport issues such as lost, damaged or heat affected produce as part of our supply chain management services.

We also provide cross docking and back on docks for easier loading and unloading of produce as well as improved cool chain maintenance for maximum produce freshness. To prevent costly mishandling of your produce, contact Robinson’s for complete peace of mind supply chain solutions today.