About Robinson's


Company History

Founded by Eric Robinson in late 1960s Melbourne, with just one truck and a hand trolley, Eric began business unloading and delivering fresh produce to the Melbourne markets. The family business grew quickly adding employees and a fleet of trucks and forklifts.


Today, proprietor Mark Robinson, provides logistics, storage and fumigation services for major wholesalers, retailers, growers and supermarkets Australia wide. A leader in fresh produce supply chain management, Robinson’s ensures every step of the process in the movement of perishable goods is handled efficiently, safely and securely.

We've built a reputation for reliability and integrity by meeting and exceeding customer expectations and requirements in temperature sensitive fresh produce logistics, storage and fumigation services. And it’s through this reputation, Robinson’s continues to gain wider access to new wholesalers, retailers, importers and exporters. 

While Robinson's embraces change and progress, it is still proud of, and stays true to, its humble origins and reputation for maintaining integrity, reliability and customer service.